The Excursion into Nice

Every Monday the activities reps at Aplha.b run a free tour of Nice for the newly arrived and still slightly discombobulated students. The tour begins at 1.30pm after the reps have made sure that everyone has some water with them- it’s going to be a hot afternoon (28°c) and there will apparently be exercise involved. After just two minutes of walking we arrive in the middle of the high-street, Rue Jean-Médcin where the practical advice and history lesson begins – Nice étoile is the big shopping centre and did you know that Jean-Médcin was an old mayor of Nice ?

Returning to Nice for work experience

I landed back in Nice on Saturday afternoon and after settling into my appartment, I went for a stroll on the promenade. Nice, yet again, seemed so lively to me- there were saxophonists busking, street artists painting glass, pavement and canvases, and women doing hair-braids. There were lots of people, yet everyone seemed to be camly enjoying their evening wander. I discovered that I would be in Nice during the NiceJazzFestival – that will be fun to listen to on the beach while having a swim, after work !

printemps cote dazur


Welcome to Natasha

My name is Natasha and I study languages at the University of Exeter in England. I study French, Italian and beginners German and I finished the second year of university in June. Next year is my year abroad and I am going to study at the University of Ferrara in Italy for the whole year.
I chose to do work experience at l’Institut Linguistique Alpha.b firstly to improve my French before spending a whole year in Italy where I will be speaking Italian, but also because I did a language course at Alpha.b when I was in college and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to return. Over the next month I will be part of the Alpha.b office helping with general administration, but I will also have the opportunity to do some translations which I am very interested in! I am also excited to explore Nice and the Riviera to increase my understanding of French culture and food.