Offre de stage à l’école de langue alpha.b pour 2018

L’institut alpha.b recherche pour l’année 2018 un ou plusieurs stagiaires pour rejoindre l’équipe administrative pour un stage de 3 mois minimum à partir du mois de Février 2018. Le stagiaire devra impérativement avoir une convention tripartite entre lui, son université et notre école.

Vous rêvez de faire un stage en France, sur la Côte d’Azur dans une ambiance agréable, améliorer votre français et acquérir une expérience professionnelle, ce stage est pour vous !

En respect avec le droit du travail, vous serez chargé(e) de renseigner les étudiants sur place, d’échanger avec les familles d’accueil, les agences à l’international, répondre au téléphone, renseigner sur l’institut, répondre aux e-mails, accueillir des groupes à l’aéroport …

Une bonne maîtrise de la langue française et de la langue anglaise est nécessaire.

Si vous désirez plus d’informations ou si vous souhaitez postuler, merci d’adresser vos messages à Laura sur Veuillez accompagner votre candidature d’un CV avec photo.

Pour découvrir l’expérience des anciens stagiaires, n’hésitez pas à lire cet article:

A bientôt !


The alpha.b institute is looking for one or several trainees to join the administrative team for at least internship of 3 months in 2018. The trainee will definitely need to have a three-way agreement between him/her, his/her university and our school.

If you have always dreamed of doing your internship in France on the French Riviera in a pleasant atmosphere, to improve your French and to acquire a work experience, this internship is for you!

With respect to your duties, you will be in charge of informing the students on the spot, to liaise with host families and international agencies, answer the telephone, inform about the institute, answer e-mails and welcome groups at the airport …

Good English and French language skills are very important for this internship.

If you would like for more information or if you wish to apply, please send your messages to Laura at Please attach your application with a CV and a photo.


alpha.b sucht Praktikanten für 2018!

Wir suchen Praktikanten die uns in der Administration helfen. Das Praktikum sollte mindestens 3 Monate dauern. Um Praktikant bei alpha.b zu werden, brauchst Du ein Praktikumsvertrag von Deiner Uni oder Schule.

Falls Du gerne in Frankreich, genauer gesagt an der Côte d’Azur ein paar Monate verbringen möchtest, dabei arbeiten, gleichzeitig aber auch Dein Französisch verbessern möchtest, bist Du bei uns an der Richtigen Stelle.

Deine Aufgaben sind unter anderem: unseren Schülern vor Ort Auskunft zu geben, mit Gastfamilien, internationalen Agenturen und Kunden in Kontakt zu sein, Auskunft zu geben und zu beraten, Telefonanrufe und E-Mails beantworten, Gruppenankünfte am Flughafen zu machen etc.

Voraussetzungen: gute Französisch- und Englischkentnisse.

Falls wir Dein Interesse geweckt haben, und Du mehr Informationen haben möchtest oder Dich bewerben willst, kontaktiere Laura:





5 reasons to learn French in Nice

Why come to Nice to learn French? Firstly, you can take advantage of the calm life of our beautiful region and also, you can benefit from a week of learning French! Here are our 5 reasons which will make you want to come and study the French language on the Côte d’Azur over the next few months.

  1. You are in college : This is the ideal time to revise for your end of year exams ! At Alpha.b we offer many courses specially designed for college students who are preparing for the Bac, A levels, l’Abitur. You will come for a week of complete immersion into the French culture, you will stay with a host family, in the mornings you will have French classes from 9-12.20 with other international students of your level and in the afternoon you will have classes specifically for the Bac in order to prepare you for your exam.

Before your arrival, you will need to send us all the information about your course so that our teacher can then prepare a program adapted to your needs. Are you getting ready for an exam this year? Do not wait any longer and join our A Level Revision Course !

The little + : a stay adapted to your French exams in your country of origin including the opportunity of meeting other young people from Europe.

  1. You are still a student or a young person: If you do not have exams but you would still like to prepare for an exam, you can follow our DELF preparation course for levels A1, A2, B1 or B2. These preparation courses last a minimum of 1 month during which you will follow a group class in the morning with other international students of your level and in the afternoon you will have 6 particular lessons with a teacher who specializes in the DELF exam. At our school, many teachers are authorized members of the DELF Jury and therefore know the exam perfectly. They will help you to successfully pass this exam.

The little + : We have had a success rate of 98% for the DELF exam in our school in the last two years.

  1. You are more than 30 years old : Our special 30+ course was created last year in response to a growing demand from active young people who wish to learn French on the Côte d’Azur.

The 30+ Course is aimed at adult students who are looking for an intensive program with other people of the same age and of the same interests as them.

It is a very comprehensive program similar to the Intensive French Course with a practical approach to the language.

The idea is to guarantee that those who wish it will not be placed in a class with school students or academics during the spring or summer period.

The little +: the number of students in the 30+ class is on average 6 students (with a maximum of 8), as opposed to 10 in the other classes.

  1. You are over 50 years of ages : Discover our Club 50 course without delay! It is aimed at enthusiasts of the French language but also of the culture.

We offer this course 3 times a year and the first is May 8th. The program lasts 2 weeks.

The courses are based on the cultural themes and there are leisure activities proposed in the afternoon. They are developed through « playful » activities, debates, role plays, news documents … according to different media, press, video etc …

The emphasis is on the practice of language, communication and understanding. The main aim is to enable each person to gain maximum autonomy in the expression and understanding of the French language.


  1. You are between 16 and 106: There is no age limit for learning French! Nor to enjoy French Life on the Riviera.

À bientôt !

The Excursion into Nice

Every Monday the activities reps at Aplha.b run a free tour of Nice for the newly arrived and still slightly discombobulated students. The tour begins at 1.30pm after the reps have made sure that everyone has some water with them- it’s going to be a hot afternoon (28°c) and there will apparently be exercise involved. After just two minutes of walking we arrive in the middle of the high-street, Rue Jean-Médcin where the practical advice and history lesson begins – Nice étoile is the big shopping centre and did you know that Jean-Médcin was an old mayor of Nice ?

Returning to Nice for work experience

I landed back in Nice on Saturday afternoon and after settling into my appartment, I went for a stroll on the promenade. Nice, yet again, seemed so lively to me- there were saxophonists busking, street artists painting glass, pavement and canvases, and women doing hair-braids. There were lots of people, yet everyone seemed to be camly enjoying their evening wander. I discovered that I would be in Nice during the NiceJazzFestival – that will be fun to listen to on the beach while having a swim, after work !

printemps cote dazur


Welcome to Natasha

My name is Natasha and I study languages at the University of Exeter in England. I study French, Italian and beginners German and I finished the second year of university in June. Next year is my year abroad and I am going to study at the University of Ferrara in Italy for the whole year.
I chose to do work experience at l’Institut Linguistique Alpha.b firstly to improve my French before spending a whole year in Italy where I will be speaking Italian, but also because I did a language course at Alpha.b when I was in college and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to return. Over the next month I will be part of the Alpha.b office helping with general administration, but I will also have the opportunity to do some translations which I am very interested in! I am also excited to explore Nice and the Riviera to increase my understanding of French culture and food.